2020 Summer is not over yet! | Must Have

Seasonal changes call for a change in the appearance of your home. The different stations transmit different feelings and states of mind. With the arrival of summer, we are happier and more relaxed and therefore a lighter decoration, with light and lively tones and simple elements are what your home needs. Meet the “Must Have” for Summer 2020.

1 | Smart home

Nowadays houses are becoming more capable, intelligent architecture and the internet of things facilitate your daily life. Currently, there are already devices that can be integrated with the decoration and easily pass unseen among the remaining elements of the decoration. We have the example of electric fireplaces or furniture with built-in sockets to connect electronic devices and home appliances that can be easily controlled by mobile phone. This summer, bet on one of these devices to make your home more comfortable and enjoy the moments of relaxation better.

Smart Houses | Photo by John – Pexels

2 | Spaces for personal improvement

As a result of the situation we are currently experiencing with the COVID-19 pandemic, this summer will be spent mostly at home. Thus it is important to optimize the use of your home to create spaces for well-being and fun. An example is the construction of a small gym or a garden where you can catch up on reading or have a barbecue with friends.

Spaces for personal improvement | Photo by Deeana – Pixels

3 | Colors and fragrances to stimulate sensations

Multisensory design is increasingly a trend in interior decoration. The game of colours and fragrances is used to promote relaxation and energize your home, changing your mood and spirit.

Colours and Fragrances | Photo by Marina Pershina – Pixabay

4 | Natural materials

Natural materials such as wood and plants are increasingly used in interior design. This summer they will be in trend, use these materials to create a more welcoming and dynamic environment with the use of different textures.

Natural Materials | Photo by Cottonbro – Pexels

5 | Yellow tones

Yellow is a colour extremely associated with summer since it refers to the sun and heat. This summer bet on all shades of yellow, from the vibrant lemon yellow to the most discreet mustard yellow. Use in small decor notes or be more daring and paint a division in this tone.

Yellow Tones | Photo by Kaboompics – Pexels

Take advantage of these Summer 2020 Must Have and refresh your home!

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