Best of architecture 2019

Now that 2019 has ended and 2020 has begun, we consider that the time has come to analyze and showcase the best in world architecture in the past year. Get inspired and get carried away by these magnificent creations and the best of architecture in 2019.

1 | Beijing Daxing International Airport, Beijing – Zaha Hadid Architects and ADPI

The airport was designed by the deceased architect Zaha Hadid (1950-2016) to become the largest passenger airport in the world. This terminal will have its own starfish-shaped configuration, allowing it to have a flexible layout. It is located on the opposite side of Beijing’s existing airport and expects to receive about 45 million passengers each year. This building was inspired by traditional Chinese architecture and its unique shape given by the wavy folds in the ceiling aims to fill the space with natural light.

2 | Billionaire’s Row, Manhattan – SHoP Architects

This building is the thinnest skyscraper in the world at 111 West 57th and was designed by SHoP Architects. It is a residential project and its thickness gradually decreases as the height increases. Its width is 13 meters and the height reaches 433 meters, creating a 24:1 aspect ratio that gives it the world’s thinnest and tallest New York skyscraper status. The north and south façades will be almost fully glazed, with views of Central Park and the Manhattan skyline. This development will house 60 apartments, gym, swimming pool and barbershop.

3 | Under, Lindesnes – Snøhetta

It is the first underwater restaurant in Europe and the biggest in the world, located in Norway. Compared to a periscope, it contains a huge panoramic window that allows customers to catch a glimpse of the seafloor while enjoying their meal. This will measure 600 square meters and is 6 meters deep in the North Sea. The windows of reinforced concrete and acrylic so that the structure can withstand the water pressure, its capacity will be for approximately 100 people.

4 | Kistefos Museum, Oslo – BIG

The Kistefos Museum houses an art gallery and is located in Kistefos Sculpture Park in Oslo (Norway). This is a habitable end that crosses the Randselva River which winds through the centre of the park that was created in the late ‘90s in a former paper mill. This is a rectilinear building that is twisted in the middle of the river in order to soften the difference in height between the two banks.

5 | Vessel, New York- Heatherwick Studio

One of the most talked-about projects in 2019 was Vessel in New York, developed by Heatherwick Studio. This is the new tourist attraction in West Side Manhattan consisting of a tower with 154 stairs, 2500 steps and 80 levels, honeycomb-shaped. This development is situated in a square among 16 skyscrapers (Hudson Yards). The structure consists of metal-lined stairs that form the pattern of a honeycomb. The base of the building is 15 meters in diameter and its top 46 meters in diameter.

These were the five projects that marked the last year, the best of architecture 2019 and the best in architecture last year. We look forward to knowing what awaits us in 2020.

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