The history of carpentry is very rich and vast. The first Hunting Men began this trade about 2 million years ago. Today carpentry includes the manufacture of furniture, however, this is characterized by being a more artisanal work.

Carpentery Box | Image Michel Rohan by Pixabay

The cabinetmaker is an individual, usually very creative, who devotes much time and dedication to a piece. The pieces created by the cabinetmaker have a lot of attention to detail and excel in quality. Wood is one of the oldest materials used by man. The ability to work with this material has evolved over the years, from the stone age to the present day. One of the oldest pieces of evidence of this trade is the carcasses created for the water wells, found in eastern Germany and dating from 7,000 years ago.

Carpentery Details | Image jacqueline macou by Pixabay

Carpentry is a technique that has always been taught by parents to their children, today we can already find schools that teach this art and make new technologies and ways of working known. Thus, combining the knowledge and manual work of the craftsman with new technologies providing a final result even more astonishing.

Carpenter | Image Flore W by Pixabay

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