Christmas Trends for 2019

December has arrived and with it the time to prepare and decorate your home for Christmas. Ever wondered what are the Christmas trends for 2019 decoration? In this article, we show you the 5 trends you should bet on to decorate your home.

1 | Opt for a natural look

For this year, opt for nature-related decorations such as crowns with natural elements or, for example, decorative pieces made with pine cones. These natural elements will give you a greater sense of well-being and comfort. Create a rustic and cosy atmosphere betting on woods and earth tones.

2 | Decorative candles

Candles themselves are a decorative element associated with Christmas. Like natural elements give us a feeling of comfort. However, this year choose candles with different design escaping from conventional cylindrical candles with Christmas motifs. For example, opt for a candle that changes as it burns, arousing the curiosity of the beholder.

3 | Blue

When you think of Christmas colours, you will immediately see reds, golds, and greens. Christmas trends for 2019 say that blue is the colour you should bet on to bring modernity and sophistication to your home. To combine with blue you can use silver notes that will highlight any detail that contains them.

Christmas Tree Decoration Blue and Silver

4 | Big and classic Christmas tree

This is a Christmas trend that goes on from year to year and has never gone out of style. It is also one of the Christmas trends that we cannot all follow, as it is necessary to have a house with a very high ceiling and support a Christmas tree of considerable height. Decorate the tree with natural elements and with blue and silver adornments.

Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

5 | Christmas balls as place markers

Have you considered giving Christmas balls a new use than hanging them on the tree? One of the Christmas trends for 2019 is to use these balls as place markers. Write the name of the person on the ball and put it in place of the table for him. You can choose to paint the balls with slate paint and chalk them with not only the names of your guests but also Christmas messages. It will surely surprise your guests with this idea.

Christmas Ball with Names

Now that you’ve seen what decorations to bet on, be sure to add a personal touch to make your decor look unique and mirror your personality!

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