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Your house and your space transmit your personality and way of life, conveying your ideas to those who visit you. In other words, decorate is to be attentive to all the details that involve the division and that mark the difference. Making good taste and elegance stand out. In addition, to decorate a space that transmits your personality and that meets your tastes is necessary: firstly, define the style that best defines you and “let’s work”. Above all, (re)decorate your space following the trends of the season and putting into practice the tips we leave.

White Room

1. Set your Style

Before you begin to decorate, it is important to define your style and which trend best suits your tastes. For instance, you can choose a more classic style with elegance, refinement and full of details. On the other hand, a modern style that is characterized by strong lines and simplicity and still uses patterns, textures and light colours. However, you can opt for another style such as contemporary, casual chic, rustic, minimalist, industrial or vintage.

Dark Grey Wall

2. Set the main colour

Choose the focal point of your room, this should be the centre of your decor. For example, it could be a wall or a piece of furniture that you want to highlight in the room. After that, choose the colour you want to assign to this element. Always remembering that the remaining elements of the decoration should be directly connected to the focal point making it appears, without ever withdrawing the protagonism. Secondly, choose a colour palette that is present in detail of your decoration and that makes all the elements talk to each other, without overwhelming the space.

Colour Choosing

3. Determine the function of the environment

At this point should be asked questions, such as, “Is it a convivial or personal zone?”, “Will there be too much or too little movement of people? or “Is it an area to spend time with the family or just for you?”. Consequently, this point is important to define, so this way you will be able to identify the elements needed for decoration.

4. Uniformize the furniture

Moreover, choose what type of furniture you will use and what lines and the type/colour of wood you intend to use. For example, if you choose an item of furniture with rounded corners the rest of the furniture should follow this line. Do not mix round corners with square corners. In addition, the colour of the wood should match the chosen highlight colour, creating a harmonious contrast.

Stylish Club – Fortune Coffee Table

5. Less is More

In conclusion, after establishing the project and defining all the elements of the decoration, rethink the room and check that all the elements are necessary and indispensable. Most importantly, remember to keep the space free for good circulation. Moreover, the important thing is to create a cosy and pleasant environment and not a space with excessive elements that tire the look.

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