Gerês House – Architecture

Have you ever imagined a house perfectly integrated into nature as if it were indigenous? The Carvalho Araújo Arquitetos studio has designed a house that fills your imagination. Is located on the slope of Vale da Caniçada (Peneda-Gerês National Park). This development is the perfect junction of a small house and a stream that complements each other in unison.

Casa do Gerês View © NUDO

Casa do Gerês has been spoken around the world for its architectural beauty and is a source of pride for the Portuguese. Gerês is famous and internationally recognized for its natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes to those who dare to visit it.

Casa do Gerês Exterior © NUDO

The slope where this house is located is characterized by its abrupt slope which has enabled the creation of perfect harmony. This house is divided into two parts distinguished by the materials that organise them: the cement base and the wooden top. Another feature of this house is the large interior spaces and the accompaniment of the river route to a small lake that originated a wonderful swimming pool.


This home was featured on the BBC television show “The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes” broadcast on Netflix. This program is conducted by architect Piers Taylor and actress Caroline Quentin. It consists of the travels of presenters around the world looking for the most extraordinary houses.

The Worlds Most Extraordinary Homes S02E01 Portugal CASA OTIIMA

Feel like visiting this house? Unfortunately, you will not be able to do so as it is privately owned. But enjoy and appreciate the wonderful Geres and all it has to offer.

Casa do Gerês Façade © NUDO

Enjoy Gerês!

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