Joana Neto | Interior Designer

Made to Last has a multidisciplinary team that is a hundred per cent dedicated to all projects. One by one we will introduce them so you get to know the faces behind our projects. The first is our Interior Designer Joana Neto.

Joana Neto - Interior Designer
Joana Neto


Joana Brochado Neto


Interior Designer

Time inside the company

21 months

Main Functions

Creation and management of Interior Design project according to spacial constraints, budget and client objectives. 
Furniture design. 
Co-Creative Direction of Stylish Club.

Most challenging project?


The Project you liked the most?

Setubal Accommodation

Three words that describe you?

Cheerful, creative, dynamic

Joana Brochado Neto - Interior Designer
Joana Neto – Interior Designer

What excites you in your work?

Good energy, enthusiasm and involvement from the whole team.

What is the most important aspect of your work?

Creative freedom, thinking of each project as unique, looking at it with a strong sense of responsibility for meeting timings and goals.

What tools do you use to create your projects?

At first, glance raised hand drawing helps me to think, then AutoCad, and when possible models, help you “play” with full-scale space and make decisions.

Favourite city and what inspires you the most?



Leisure time occupation?

Reading, writing, listening to music, going outdoors, spending time with my people.

Favourite design Fair/Event.

ISaloni Milan

What are the biggest influences on your career?

Mies Van der Rohe in architecture and Zygmunt Bauman in sociology, I think that design should always be based on the knowledge produced by sociology.

Which books underlie your design philosophy?

“Thinking Architecture” – Peter Zumthor
“Atmospheres” – Peter Zumthor
“The Good Life: A Guided Visit to the Houses of Modernity” – Iñaki Abalos
“Thinking with your hands”- Campo Baeza
“Liquid Modernity” – Zygmunt Bauman
And many others…

How do you keep up to date with new trends?

I essentially follow the work of the architects, designers and artists I admire and visit events associated with the dissemination of new products and materials.

How do you defend your design decisions with a customer?

From the creative point of view, I always try to develop a project that is anchored in a cohesive concept, in this sense, I start by defending and explaining the basic concept well, then usually the project defends itself according to the reality of spaces and needs, previously communicated by the customer.

Do you work better in the morning or in the afternoon? Generally in the morning.

Generally in the morning.

Joana Neto – Prime Design

Where do you look for inspiration?

In nature, art in its most varied forms and contemporary modus vivendi – modern and postmodern culture.

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