Lisbon | The city ​​of 7 hills

Lisbon panoramic view
Lisbon Panoramic View

Some destinations mark us for their history and culture and that impress us for their landscapes and the markedly characteristic architecture. Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and one of the most searched places in Europe. This is a trendy city that attracts tourists of all age groups. It is a region that appeals to different tastes and can arouse all the senses. The city of Lisbon results from the agglomeration over the centuries of different cultures from different parts of the world. By strolling through some neighbourhoods of this city, the largest and most densely populated in Portugal, we can feel as if we were inside a village such as the feeling of belonging transmitted by its inhabitants.

Monument to the Discoveries

Because it is a modern city and where the quality of life is good, it is increasingly sought not only by tourists but also by personalities who come here to live, the best-known example is the Madonna who has lived in the city for some years.

In addition to Madonna, others were the personalities who chose the Lisbon lands to live, such as Michael Fassbender (German), Monica Bellucci (Italian), Paolla Oliveira (Brazilian), Christian Louboutin (French) and Éric Cantona (French).

Modern City

Being so fashionable, this week was set a record in the Portuguese real estate market, where an apartment sold for 7.6 million euros. This residence is located in the Castilho 203 building, next to Eduardo VII Park. This apartment has a private pool and a fantastic panoramic view over the city of Lisbon and more than 500 m2.

Come and visit Lisbon and be fascinated by this fantastic city full of uncovered corners and feelings of awakening. Let the Portuguese soul fill your core.

Lisbon Houses Façades
Lisbon Houses Façades

Find here some locations suggestions that you could visit during your stay in Lisbon:

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