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Stylish Club, a luxury furniture brand, recently launched its new collection 2020. Taking advantage of the launch on the new website, the brand also decided to announce its new products from the HIS & HER collections.

New Collection Living Room

These two collections are inspired by artistic movements from the beginning of the 20th century, namely in the aesthetic plurality that spread throughout Europe of Art Nouveau, and later in Art Deco.

We explore these movements strongly associated with expressions and values with which Stylish Club identifies itself, such as the expression of its own identity, the valorization of noble materials, human labour as an enhancer of aesthetic and cultural quality inherent to the product and the richness of the final product.

New Collection Dining Room

This product is intended for a demanding public, attentive to trends, and has a differentiating identity as to the common consumer.
His & Her are complementary collections, whose aim is to affirm the brand’s aesthetic identity by creating androgynous and heterogeneous environments, which are identified with both male and female characteristics, with a specific and simultaneously plural, post-modern language.

New Collection Bedroom

This is a collection that marks the launch of the new brand image. Stylish Club recently underwent a rebranding process and this is the first collection launched following this new brand philosophy.

Stylish Club Interiors | His & Her Collections

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