Perfect Finishes

The decoration of a house does not simply pass through the choice of furniture and decoration. It is also very important to choose the best finishes for your projects, these will highlight any decorative element present in your space, making all the difference. Surprise your visits with distinctive and innovative decoration.
To choose the materials that will compose a house requires some knowledge, which can be acquired through blogs or videos or by hiring a company that specializes in decoration projects. To help you in accomplishing this task we leave you some tips to choose the perfect finishes.

Watercolour Painting

1. Watercolours

The first trend we present to you is the Candy Colors (watercolour), looks like a painting done with watercolours. The most used colours in this finish are Rose Quartz and Serenity, colours that are clear and that convey serenity to your space.

2. Cement

This year’s trend is the finishes to imitate cement, bringing to your space an industrial look. These elements combined with the “false woods” give to your room a cosy touch.

Cement Trend 2019
Cement Texture – 2019 Interior Trend

3. Matte

If you are thinking of changing your bathroom or kitchen choose sinks with a Matte finishing. This is another trend of quite demarcated finishes this year. If you do not like very large areas with this matte finishing, you can only use it in accessories such as taps.

4. Granules

This is a finish that came back to the limelight, after being used a few years ago on the floors of some houses. Currently, this finish is used mostly in porcelain such as bathroom equipment or even kitchen countertops. This granulate consists of small pieces of granite, marble, quartz, glass and other minerals, and can be bicolour or multicoloured

Granule finishing
White and Gold Granule Finishing

In 2019 do not look for perfect finishes, the great tendency is the use of imperfect finishes, such as oxidized metals, parts with fingerprints resulting from the manufacturing process are some of the finishes that will mark this year.

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