TOP 5 Female Designers

The world of design is filled with countless personalities with immense talent and creativity. Being such a vast and wide world making a selection of the best and what the best is done. However, in this post, you will find a selection of what we consider to be the top designers in the world.

1. Venus Williams | TOP Female Designers

Venus Williams | Interior Designer

When we hear about Venus Williams, of course, what comes to mind is tennis player, a 5-gold medal Olympic athlete, sister of well-known tennis player Serena Williams. She is still listed on Forbes as one of the 100 most powerful women. However, Venus owns a design firm V Starr Interiors. His first project was a condominium in Miami for NBA basketball player Carlos Boozer Jr. Most recently he undertook the renovation project for the Midtown Athletic Club and a new hotel in Midtown Chicago. Venus became interested in fashion and design from an early age, influenced by his mother, enrolled in fashion school in 1999, and it was here that she discovered her passion for design, particularly interior design.

2. Nini Andrade da Silva | TOP 5 Female Designers

Nini Andrade da Silva | Interior Designer

Nini Andrade da Silva is a Portuguese Madeiran interior designer and painter with interior design studios in Funchal, Lisbon and outside Portugal. In 2014, it remodelled the seven hotel units of the Movich hotel chain in Colombia. Having already decorated several hotels in Portugal and Brazil.
In 2011, with its line of furniture “Garota do Calhau“, won the award “International Design & Architecture”. Already in Portugal, in 2010, was distinguished with the official rank of the Order of Infante D.Henrique by then-President Aníbal Cavaco Silva. In 2019, it was news in Forbes magazine with its project Savoy Palace (Funchal).

3. Lucie Koldova | TOP 5 Female Designers

Lucie Koldova | Interior Designer

Born in the Czech Republic, Lucie Koldova, fell in love with France from an early age, having a great influence on her work. In 2010, it launched its first two collections in partnership with Brokis (Czech company). It is currently represented by several European brands, namely French and Italian. In 2018, she was named “Designer of 2018” at IMM Cologne’s Das Haus German Fair. It is currently developing upholstered pieces to bring new concepts to the area of ​​lighting.

4. Amy Lau | TOP 5 Female Designers

Amy Lau | Interior Designer

Early on, Amy Lau began shaping the design vision she imposes on her projects today. However, not always wanted to be an interior designer, Amy even considered studying archaeology. Her New York company, Amy Lau Design, conducts interior projects throughout the country. You have seen her work praised by Architectural Digest. Its portfolio includes luxury residential interiors around the world.
It has received numerous awards of various kinds to be awarded by multiple entities. Since 2012, it enters the New York Magazine Top 100 annually.
In 2005 Amy co-created Design.05, an event that later became the Miami Design Fair. In addition to interior design, Amy Lau has also created two lines of rugs, cushions, wall coverings and fabrics.

5. Li Xiang | TOP 5 Female Designers

Li Xiang | Interior Designer

Li Xiang is the founder of X + Living Architectural Design (Shanghai), which recently completed Zhongshuge’s fifth affiliated with China’s most reputable bookstore. Majored in interior design in 2011, and in 2016 won the best interior design award of the year. His most recent award (in 2019) was from Fast Company: Most Creative People in Business 100.
Li went to live in Malaysia at the time of elementary school and later moved to the United Kingdom. The contact with these different cultures allowed her to have a broader view of the world.
In addition to interior design, Li Xiang has its own furniture brand “Xiangcasa”.

Were you impressed by the talent of these 5 women? Be sure to join us to get to know more design and architecture personalities.

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