Treetop Walk in Serralves

Have you ever imagined walking through the treetops interacting with the fauna and flora of the place? In Serralves (Porto) you can enjoy more than 250 meters of treetop walk. A work by architect Carlos Castanheira in conjunction with architect Siza Vieira and was sponsored by Ascendi.

Treetop walk Serralves | Photo: Fundação Serralves

This is a footbridge that surrounds one of the Serralves Park woods. Revealing different views and colours and various shades of green or brown, depending on the season of your visit. The project aims to sensitize visitors to the protection and preservation of biodiversity. Allowing that during the walk the most curious can observe and study the fauna and flora of Serralves.

The walkway was built next to pine and cedar canopies. Climbing to a height of 25 meters from the lake, at the same level as the branches where birds usually land. When walking the Treetop the feeling is of distance from the park having a broader view of what surrounds it.

Treetop Walk Sustainability

This architectural work respects the surrounding nature, keeping the treetops intact as well as the root preservation. All the pillars were built if interfering with the roots and in the whole structure was left a margin that allows the branches to grow. At the top of the Treetop path, we can see the sea, a viewpoint and the lake. This walkway was mostly built with recycled wood from both works and fires. This is an innovative and inspiring structure focused on enhancing natural heritage.

Night View Serralves | Photo: Revista Rua

The Treetop Walk was inaugurated on September 14th and this day admission to Serralves Park was free. Currently, the entry cost is ten euros and accessible to people with reduced mobility. The number of visitors is limited to 300 at a time.

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  1. Rebecca

    We walked the Treetop wonder last week (10/29) in the pouring rain. The wood is gorgeous. Please tell us the name of the wood used for the walkway and for the side panels. It was lovely and there was absolutely no warping or shrinkage. What are the woods please?

    Thank you for this beautiful work of art!

    1. Hello Rebecca, thank you for your question and comment, we are glad that you liked your visit and the post we made about this wonderful project.

      Only sustainable materials were used and the floor was mostly made of recycled wood recovered from demolition and fire. Carlos Castanheira and Álvaro Siza Vieira pointed out that the project ”was careful not to damage the ecosystem.”.

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