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2020 is here! And design trends for next year are already noticeable. Next year marks the end of a decade and the beginning of a new one. Being a year of new beginnings aspires to new trends. Get to know the key design trends 2020.

1 | Maximalism

To counteract what has been said in recent years that minimalism is here to stay, by 2020 the trend will be maximalism. The spaces will be filled with vibrant colours and mixtures of unusual patterns. The pieces with a striking design will also be part of these spaces.

2 | Velvet

Velvet will continue to be part of the 2020 trends. It translates into a perfect blend of luxury and comfort. This trend will be felt mainly on sofas, emphasizing the blue, pink and orange tones. Also in furniture, this trend will be felt.

3 | Natural

Once again, nature will be present in the 2020 trends. The environment in which we operate influences our well-being and comfort. Spaces decorated with natural elements transmit a greater serenity and well-being to those who inhabit them. Materials such as wood and stone will be present in all environments of 2020. Vertical or hanging gardens are another natural trend that you can use in your home or project. Another way to bring this trend into the home is to bet on wallpaper with natural motifs such as flowers.

Farfetch Project | Prime Design

4| Curved Lines

Round furniture brings a new look to traditional furniture with straight lines. However, this trend should be complemented with straight lines. Curved lines act as a softener creating more elegant environments.

5| Colour

Colour acts as a visual stimulus and each colour is given a meaning. Vivid colours will be part of the 2020 trends. Among the countless colours are Neo Mint, Purist Blue, Cassis, Cantaloupe and Mellow Yellow.

6| Monochrome Kitchen

White or over-coloured kitchens will no longer be part of the 2020 trends. What will be in vogue next year will be kitchens in a single colour. You can, for example, bet on a kitchen with one of the above colours. Why not a Neo Mint kitchen?

7 | Pattern

This is a trend that runs from 2019 and will be present everywhere in the decoration. They can be used in details, such as pillows, or on a wall through the wallpaper. Among the infinity of prints that can use the abstract and geometric are the ones that stand out in 2020.

Pattern Trend 2020

Now that you know the key trends in 2020, prepare your home or project for this new year’s entry. Surprise!

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