Trendy Patterns

Our house is a reflection of ourselves and our tastes. In this way, we should take care of it, as we take care of ourselves. If in the way we dress, we follow the trends, why do not we do the same with our house? Update your home and take a new look at your spaces, betting on the patterns that are the trend this year.

Natural Patterns

The pattern trends for 2019 are dashing, do not be afraid to be bold when choosing your wallpaper or fabrics for cushions, sofas or armchairs. Strong colours are in vogue, so bet on patterns that use these shades and mark the split. Geometric and tribal patterns mark the trends of 2019. These patterns convey familiarity and balance and can be used in any type of ambience. The patterns alluding to nature are also a strong trend of decoration. These patterns are meant to convey serenity and appeal to the organic, leaving the divisions with a fresh and pleasing appearance to the eye.

Geometric Patterns

Floral patterns gain prominence in wallpaper and textiles. These patterns give more life to every room in your home. Further, this type of pattern should be used in places that appeal to creativity as on the wall to which it is directed when working on your desk.

The Immersion Room

United States of America – Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

The Immersion Room, an interactive installation of digitised wallpapers from Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum’s collection, illustrates how we create ideas of utopia within our own homes. Looking at the transformative capability of wallpaper in creating ideal homes over nearly 300 years, the project offers up a selection of papers from the museum’s extensive archives for digital exploration. A digital pen changes the paper projected. If a preferred utopian backdrop is not found from a range of 100 on offer, you can design an alternative on the console table, where you can also collect and save designs to be viewed later.

Installation view of Immersion Room. Photo by Allison Hale © 2016 Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

This installation was designed and created by Cooper Hewitt; Local Projects. After that, it was curated by Gregory Herringshaw and supported by The Secretary of the Smithsonian and the Smithsonian National Board; Bloomberg Philanthropies. Additional support from Amita and Purnendu Chatterjee; Flavor Paper; Osborne & Little; Hadley Exhibits.


In conclusion, trends must be tailored to your style and we should not fall victim to them and do not follow the herd. In addition, look for the pattern that best fits the decor of your home and your tastes.

Our secrets / Arte International / Harlequin



Moreover, one of our favourite projects by Prime Design for Farfetch Lisbon, where we used one of our favourites wallpapers.

Stay tuned exciting tips coming soon.

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