Wood Trends for 2019

Interior Design is an area that is constantly changing. Every year is updated with new trends whether they are innovative or a refresh of something that has already been used in the past. The wood is always current in all seasons, changing only its tonality and finishes. The wood through its texture and colour brings us to the organic and natural, making the space cosier.
From the trends of wood for the year 2019, stand out the colours Terracotta, red and honey, making the environments warmer. They are colours that refer to Earth and give a touch of sophistication to any room.

Dark wood dining room table
Dining Room Furniture – Stylish Club

The woods that will be most used will be eucalyptus and bamboo. That will appear in decorative elements such as ceilings, furniture and other decorative elements, gaining strength in the exterior spaces.


Another major trend of using wood for the year 2019 is the bathrooms coated with this material. Wood is a great ally of interior designers being used in all divisions except for the bathrooms. This year this paradigm has changed and with the development of technologies, it is already possible to put wood in these spaces without it being damaged by the characteristic humidity of this space. You should use Teak, Merbau and even bamboo, which can be applied to walls, floors and even the ceiling.

Modern House Bathroom Interior

Dark Woods

Dark woods, such as rusty oak, are another great trend in decor, providing an elegant and cosy space. This tonality will create a contrast with the other decorative elements with lighter shades. These dark colours used in wood adapt to any style from the contemporary to the rustic.

Dark wood texture

This year the trends for wood are very diversified and versatile, being able to be used in any space and decorative element. The important thing is to choose the one that best suits your style and personality.

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